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Agile and continous testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on May 4, 2008

From The Standard

“The traditional way of writing a bunch of documentation and flipping it over to the next group doesn’t work,” he said. “We prefer executive documentation, which requires that we write the code first. It’s far more disciplined and every two weeks or so we have working and visual software to show to our stakeholders.”

Besides increased teamwork between multiple business groups, some of the key criteria to an agile system, according to Ambler, include continuous testing that drives development, daily work with the stakeholders, and producing working software on a regular basis. Many IT organizations, he said, too often lose sight of their true goals. “You have to know your audience,” Ambler said. “Treat your stakeholders like adults and keep them involved in the process. Any dollar spent on documentation is a dollar not spent on working software.”

Cem Kaner, author of Lessons Learned in Software Testing and Testing Computer Software, agreed, saying Agile development can reduce the cost of late changes and make it easier for IT organizations to respond as the stakeholders’ needs continually evolve.

“The most important thing the executive can do is keep asking the critical question, ‘How does this practice (paired programming, test-first programming, whatever the group is proposing this week) make us more able to be more responsive later,'” Kaner, who is professor of software engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology, added. If those implementing the process can’t answer this question convincingly, Kaner said, it’s a big red flag.

Agile testing

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