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New versions of SOA testing tools from HP

Posted in testing tool by testing in London on May 14, 2008

From EFY Times

HP has introduced enhanced quality and management software designed to meet new requirements for mainstream deployment of service-oriented architectures (SOA) by businesses. To make sure that services meet all functional and performance objectives and are ready for production deployment, HP has rolled out new versions of its SOA testing products HP Service Test and HP Service Test Management.

“SOA governance is the key to successful adoption of SOA within organisations. SOA quality and management in turn ensures businesses run SOA successfully in day to day operations and production environment. The new market-leading solutions from HP Software give our customers an opportunity to adopt and leverage SOA as a mainstream initiative and deliver better business outcomes,” said Kamal Dutta, director, HP software, HP India.

In addition, HP has announced new SOA management capabilities with HP Business Availability Center for SOA, HP Diagnostics for SOA and HP SOA Policy Enforcer that together monitor services in production, resolve operational issues and deal with changes to services.

New capabilities to HP’s Quality Management solutions include: HP Service Test Management and HP Service Test. Quality Management solutions for SOA are said to give enterprises the assurance that services will function reliably in any deployment environment.

HP’s SOA management solutions will work standalone for small SOA projects or large-scale deployments and fully integrate with enterprise IT management capabilities. This flexibility gives SOA architects the confidence that initial SOA project efforts will be embraced by IT operations groups as services adoption increases, HP said. New capabilities to HP SOA Management products include: HP Business Availability Center (BAC) for SOA, HP Diagnostics for SOA and HP SOA Policy Enforcer.

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