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NEC launches IP testing solutions targetting Telecom Carriers

Posted in General by testing in London on June 5, 2008

From JCN Network

NEC Corporation announced today that it has configured testing solutions for the construction and operation phases of IP networking in response to a growing demand for IP network architecture from telecom carriers. The solutions have been arranged into an integrated testing system.

The system consists of the five solutions (listed below), and classifies IP network construction into three phases: installation, network operation and SLA* , with each phase hosting a number of tests to confirm IP circuit connectivity, network quality and other network characteristics.

Installation phase:

  • Testing Solution for System Installation
  • Testing Solution for Subscriber Line Activation

Network Operation phase:

  • Testing Solution for Operation & Maintenance
  • Testing Solution for Problem Isolation

SLA phase:

  • Testing Solution for Services

*SLA (Service Level Agreement):

  • Contract existing between a communication service provider and its customers to formally define service levels.

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