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Posted in Software testing by testing in London on June 10, 2008

From Java World

Testing gets a great deal of attention lately. A lot of organisations realise that while creating and integrating software is easier than it was before, testing still takes a lot of time. Relatively speaking the testing effort is taking up more time and thus money.

A recent blog post on TheServerSide proposes using a search engine to create a test engine to automate functional testing. In my opinion a number of things seem to be wrong with this:

  • The proposed approach does not seem to store a set of test cases and expected (valid) outcomes. This makes it impossible to automatically replay tests.
  • Functional tests often cover going though all the steps of a process. The proposed solution focuses on the technical interaction between a client and the server hosting the application. Validating the outcome of a run of a test case would involve tracking and interpreting the input and all the output of the system.

So how do you automate functional testing? The current set of tools is mostly based on replaying scripts that are created and executed once by testers. As soon as the process that is covered by a test case changes in terms of input and/or output the script needs to be changed and recorded again.

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