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Testing conference records 33% growth

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on June 13, 2008

From PR Newswire

The Association for Software Testing announced Monday an update to its traditional 3-day conference programme:  a fourth day.

The decision came from conference organizers on Monday because of demand for Jerry Weinberg’s Monday, July 14 tutorial titled “The Tester’s Communication Clinic,” which sold out last week. Weinberg has agreed to
host the tutorial again on Thursday, July 17.

Weinberg, who many consider the software testing industry’s first tester, has a 50-year track record of influencing the craft of exposing bugs and issues in software. Among his notable accomplishments was
establishing the first separate software testing group, aiding in producing life-critical software for Project Mercury.

Since then he has produced hundreds of articles and over 30 books. According to his website (, his book “The Psychology of Computer Programming” published in 1971 is considered “the beginning of the study of software engineering as human behavior.” The conference will also be the site for the launch of his new book, “Perfect Software and Other Testing Myths.”

Weinberg will also be a keynote speaker, presenting a talk titled “Lessons from the Past to Carry into the Future,” about the steps needed to create software testing into a bona fide profession.

Weinberg, Kaner, Sabourin and Barber are among the few notables in the software testing industry in attendance at CAST. For the full program, see

The conference expects to draw software professionals from 60 companies around the world. Registration is open to AST members and non-members.

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