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SOA Software, iTKO team up to offer SOA lifecycle management & QA

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on June 16, 2008

From Zdnet

SOA Software and iTKO have teamed up to offer enterprises continuous management and quality assurance across the entire lifecycle of service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications.

The new offering incorporates the LISA Testing, Validation, and Virtualization Suite from Dallas, Tex.-based iTKO and Policy Manager and Service Manager from Los Angeles-based SOA Software. The two companies say the combined solution will provide protection across the entire design, development, and change lifecycle.

Among the benefits of the combined solution are:

  • Continuous compliance and quality automation from concept to production support for SOA, with LISA validation natively executed as part of the workflows within SOA Software Policy Manager.
  • Visibility into SOA policy compliance levels, with all tests, test results, endpoint data, and models viewed in a single repository.
  • An increase in the types of SOA policy that can be modeled and validated, ensuring reliable service level outcomes.
  • Service virtualization of endpoints, locations and binding properties from SOA Software combined with simulation of service behaviors and data from iTKO.
  • Enhanced runtime validation of live SOA applications for both functional and performance purposes.

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