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Qualitree addressing software testing needs

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on June 24, 2008


As India is poised to become the leader in software testing market with an increasing number of companies outsourcing software testing to India, Qualitree is geared up to meet the needs of the growing market.

An increasing awareness to the automation of testing, introducing new methodologies, creating strong training practices, and building in-house competencies in the deployment of various test automation tools are the key points to serve the testing industry.

Leirios announced recently that it is changing the company’s name to “Smartesting”. The new name is aimed at immediate recognition of the company’s core business – software testing.

K. Gopinath, CEO, Qualitree, and Michel Guez, Vice President, Business Development, Smartesting, share their views about the future of the software testing industry and the LEIRIOS Test Designer in an interaction with CIOL.

CIOL: What are the services that Qualitree offers in the space of software testing?

K Gopinath: Qualitree offers solutions in the area of Automation of Software testing. This includes Training in test automation tool, Consulting and Advisory Services in the area of Test Automation, Migration Services and lastly Create, Manage and Sustain the complete testing practice.

CIOL: How does Smart testing different from conventional testing?

KG: Smartesting helps in automating the design process, which in the conventional process is done manually. The test requirements (black box aspects of the system under test) are represented as a model (ex. UML) that can be automatically converted to tests/test scripts, which in turn can be executed by test execution, tools such as QTP/WR.

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