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Software testing company to charge per defect

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on June 29, 2008

From Channel Times

STC Thirdeye Technology, an independent software testing company, has released a new innovative business model: Pay Per Defect. This model aims at attracting clients, and enabling them to pay only for software defects instead of complete projects.

The model is exclusively designed for mid- and large-sized organizations to meet their testing needs. The objective of this model is to resell defect-free systems within time by cutting QA budgets. The ‘Pay Per Defect’ model will allow vendors to significantly cut QA budgets, and manage multiple software releases.

Initially, the client requirement and identifying the type of testing service required test is clarified. Besides, a required simulated test is also created for user infrastructure.

The next phase uses skilled QA engineers, and experts to validate the system, and find actual bug’s from GUI. Parallel to this, domain experts review such defects before submitting the actual defects to the client. All the approved defects will be uploaded into defect tracker, and will be released to the client reference as testing deliverables.

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