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Testing means no surprises

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on July 6, 2008

From Telephony Online

Telecom providers–daunted by the specter of operational complexities, logistical uncertainties and financial risk–too often leave their product managers’ brightest and boldest ideas unexplored. Projects drag out, and no one makes a move. Energetic employees lose interest, and aggressive customers look elsewhere. The window of opportunity for highest margins slides shut. Growth stagnates.

How does a telecom provider overcome reluctance, act boldly and keep growing? Perhaps the single most important influence in a successful service rollout is internal confidence in the success of the offering. A telecom provider must not only believe in its product; it must know that the product can be implemented and serviced successfully. You already believe in your product; you also must believe it is going to function properly–without surprises and without mistakes.

So, then, how does a telecom provider develop that critical confidence in the people, processes and technology to all work together to support a new offering? Comprehensive customer-experience testing and targeted data mining are increasingly important tactics for ensuring operational success. The telecom provider gains a strong sense of how well its product will work when it is launched and a mechanism for monitoring how successfully the product is functioning after launch.

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