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Posted in testing tool by testing in London on July 11, 2008

From Thomas Net

Codima, Inc, a global provider of best practice software tools for VoIP and IT Asset Management,  announced new additions to the Codima Toolbox. The VoIP Management solution now brings VoIP Topology Views directly in Microsoft® Office Visio®, and combines pre-and post deployment testing, monitoring and troubleshooting into one solution. With the new additions, Codima Toolbox continues to bring unparalleled easy to use tools that benefit VoIP Quality for service providers and enterprises.

The integrated VoIP Management solution monitors and troubleshoots networks, in addition to delivering traffic simulation to view Quality of service (QoS) and automatically explore networks limits pre and post-deployment. The results of the traffic simulation tests are available as one page summary, and as a full word document that shows the results and predicted QoS for a large range of Codecs. The VoIP Management solution is capable of simultaneously testing multiple locations, for example branch offices, to monitor QoS 24/7.

“Pre-assessment traffic simulation and stress testing network limits prevent many VoIP installation failures. Our new VoIP solution adds monitoring and troubleshooting providing a comprehensive solution for managing VoIP networks pre-and post deployment.” comments Philip Friend, Codima’s CTO.

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