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Oracle Real Time Application Testing

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on July 12, 2008

From PC World

Oracle has extended support for Real Application Testing, a key option in its 11g database, to all 10g releases and 9i Release 2.

The technology helps IT shops test changes to their existing systems before putting the changes into production. It can take a snapshot of a production workload and then “replay” it on a test system.

“It’s all about speeding up the testing process and de-risking the process of making changes,” said Willie Hardie, vice president of database product marketing.

The company’s decision was not necessarily about migrating customers to 11g, said IDC analyst Carl Olofson.

“It’s pretty clear that users see [Real Application Testing] as a key capability,” he said, noting, “it’s not just [for] moving from one release to another, it’s about any kind of tuning you want to do.”

In concert with the Real Application Testing announcement, Oracle also said it has a number of new 11g customers.

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