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Testing and virtualization trends

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on July 14, 2008

From Dr Dobbs

SR: Absolutely. At Skytap, we view a number of trends as creating a perfect storm for building and testing applications in the cloud. The trends include: 1) distributed development; 2) outsourced testing; 3) global test teams; 4) adoption of virtualization; 5) acceptance of SaaS delivery models; and 6) virtual machine sprawl. While these trends lend themselves to 24 hour development and rapid test feedback, they also lead to collaboration challenges, difficulty reproducing bugs in test environments, difficulty sharing virtual machine images, and slow VPN access to test labs. By using a cloud-based virtual test lab, browser-enabled role-based access creates seamless collaboration from anywhere in the world. All test and development teams share a common view of test platforms, test results, machine state at the instance of bug capture, and the ability to create simultaneous identical test stacks on demand.

DDJ: What are the challenge ahead for virtualization and cloud computing?

SR: The innovation will continue and there will be massive value created for customers over the next two to three years. However, the market may get overheated with hype and some customers will be over sold and become skeptical. The vision and potential of cloud-based virtualization is very real; but over the next 24 months there will be separation between those that truly deliver on the vision and those that just reposition the same way of doing business. As the separation occurs and leaders emerge, there will be consolidation and it will likely be lead by the biggest players such as Google, Amazon, VMWare, Citrix, Microsoft, HP, and IBM. Some of these big players will innovate — Google, Amazon and VMWare are at the top of the list, some will quickly follow — likely Citrix and Microsoft, and some will rely entirely on acquisition — HP and IBM.

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