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Agile Scrum and conducting

Posted in Acceptance testing,Software testing by testing in London on July 25, 2008

From InfoQ

Principle 2: Encourage individual responsibility for product quality

Because Orpheus has no conductor and therefore no single person to take responsibility for the quality of its performances, each member of the orchestra feels a very real and personal responsibility for the group’s outcomes. Orpheus gives every individual the opportunity to lead, but it also creates an imperative that everyone pull together. Instead of focusing solely on perfecting their own approach to performance, each musician takes a personal interest in perfecting the performances of their colleagues and the overall sound of the orchestra.

On a Scrum team, quality is the responsibility of the whole team. It does no good for one person’s code to be bug-free, if problems in other parts of the code base make the product unusable. Therefore, team members are encouraged to seek out and adopt quality-enhancing practices such as Behaviour Driven Development, Pair Programming, Continuous Integration, and automated Acceptance Test.

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