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Testing ISP throttling

Posted in testing tool by testing in London on August 5, 2008

From Telecom TV

Emboldened by its recent legal victory over net bully Comcast, the San Francisco based digital right defence organisation, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has launched a throttling detection tool aptly dubbed the “Switzerland Network Testing Tool” (Switzerland = neutrality, geddit?).

The software immediately lets users know if their ISP is throttling downloads, cutting VoIP calls or otherwise tampering with the unlimited, neutral broadband connection they are paying for.

The Switzerland software wards off broadband bullies like Comcast by identifying IP packets that have been forged or modified between clients: in particular the app keeps a sharp eye out for modified data injected into the BB signal by anti-P2P tools by the Sandvine deep packet inspection kit, as well as “AudibleMagic, advertising injection systems like FairEagle, censorship systems like the Great Firewall of China, and other systems that we don’t know about yet,” according to a statement from the EFF.

Telecom sector software testing

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