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Software enables testing of digital TV

Posted in testing tool by testing in London on August 17, 2008

From Thomas Net

DAQTron, an industry leader in the implementation of broadband test systems, announced today availability of Trident Suite Version 1.8, a set of software and hardware packages designed to provide customised testing automation for digital television technologies, based on National Instruments LabVIEW and NI TestStand software as well as the PXI hardware platform. Version 1.8 adds several advances; notably coverage of new broadcast digital video standards and greatly expanded analysis capabilities.

The DAQTron Trident Suite includes:

  • Trident Generation – Transforms customized transport stream files into a single binary data format that are then generated using National Instruments PXI RF signal generator hardware.
  • Trident Analysis – Acquires data using National Instruments PXI RF signal analyzer hardware and performs bandpower, demodulation, MER, EVM, and frequency and phase offset. Bit Error Ratio (BER) is also available using National Instruments high-speed digital I/O hardware and Trident software.

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