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Software development testing driving business

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on August 20, 2008

From SDTimes

Software development/testing is driving the business
While business needs once drove software/testing technologies exclusively, that trend is now shifting. “Software/testing is now also driving the business. Executives can have the best business ideas, but if the software and testing teams don’t deliver or the testing efforts are behind, the competition is only a few clicks away.”

‘Perceived’ vs. ‘actual’ quality
As in so many areas of life, there’s a gap between the quality people think they are getting and the actual quality that is achieved. For example, “[if] 10 defects occur very frequently and impact critical functionality, that would usually be perceived by a customer as poor quality, even if that defect density was very low. On the other hand, a high density of 100 defects that occur very infrequently and have almost no impact on operations would usually be perceived by an end user as good quality. Dustin believes this is due to a lack of adequate research and funding for usage-based testing, which exploits the concept of perceived quality, yielding higher perceived quality, and thus happier customers.

Software quality assurance testing

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