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Company launches Test Automation Service

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing by testing in London on August 26, 2008

From Market Watch

Foliage, a technology consulting and product development company, today announced its Test Automation Services program, a package of services designed to address the business challenges faced by companies regarding the verification phase of the software product development life cycle.
R&D costs are continuing to increase as a percentage of revenue and for many companies the cost of testing approaches 50 percent of their total R&D budget. In addition, the testing process has significant time and resource implications which can negatively affect the overall product development cycle. In the regulated aerospace industry, if testing is not comprehensive and completed correctly, the product risks the possibility of failing the FAA’s SOI audit resulting in delayed product schedules, revenue loss or deferment and the cost of reworking and redoing the tests.

To address these challenges, Foliage launched a suite of Test Automation Services that complements their existing product development services. Foliage has focused on developing an effective automated software test approach that when integrated into a continuous development process, has proven to significantly reduce the amount of time and effort expended in testing software-based products, directly lowering the costs associated with product testing and verification.

Test automation services

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