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Testing and benchmarking customer experience

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on September 15, 2008

From Mobile Europe

Another company that is making a play to monitor customer experience, rather than mere network performance, is Argogroup. James Pearce, chief operating officer of Argogroup, says there has been a change of thinking in the practice and purpose of monitoring.

“Traditionally, passive monitoring alone has allowed operators to observe bulk traffic through their networks and deduce what is working well, and what is not, in their network. But this never shows the whole picture, particularly what the users’ experiences actually were.

“So carriers are increasingly turning to active test. This alone is not a panacea, but provides an ‘outside in’ view of the network and how the users see it. It can ensure that synthetic, injected transactions succeed, and then extrapolate overall quality from that.”

Testing customer experience

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