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Guide to Best Practice in Outsourcing ATM Testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on October 3, 2008

From Market Watch

The current economic environment is squeezing expenditure within the financial services sector and forcing a renewed focus on operational efficiencies, which is pushing outsourcing higher up the agenda. In the past, banks have had varying degrees of success with outsourcing projects and have faced numerous challenges in delivering the expected value. In response to this growing trend, Level Four has created a guide which draws upon the past experiences of banks and aims to provide guidance on the strategies and processes required to make the outsourcing of ATM testing a success.

A survey conducted by the Management Consultancy Association (MCA) and the British Bankers Association (BBA) found that 41% of financial services managers expect to increase outsourcing due to the credit crunch. ATM testing is one key area where this trend is increasingly evident, due to the significant cost savings which can result from outsourcing. As the complexity of ATM systems continues to increase, the headcount costs associated with manually testing ATM functionality have also been growing steadily. By outsourcing, banks can potentially make significant financial savings, if the project is defined and executed properly.

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