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Testers and Developers can co-operate – myth busting

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on October 5, 2008

From SD TImes

Myth Ten: Developers and testers are like oil and water
There has long been an “us and them” tension between developers and testers, but it doesn’t have to be contentious. “This is usually a healthy symbiotic relationship which, when working correctly, provides a mutually beneficial relationship between the two groups, resulting in a higher quality deliverable for the customer,” says Wilson.

To help keep a handle on tensions, Wilson suggests focusing discussions on the following:

On meeting business objectives and NOT on who owns which parts of the process.

  • Involving testers in the requirements gathering phase and the TDD process.
  • Maximizing reuse of test assets created during the development phase.
  • The role of the traditional tester in TDD, and how to acquire new skills and enable them to adapt.
  • How developers and testers can find mutual benefit in exploiting new advances in software development and testing tools

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