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Quality Management Software delivers speed in Performance Testing

Posted in Load testing,Software testing by testing in London on October 8, 2008

From Medical Design Online

EtQ, a leader in Quality Management Software, has announced that its Reliance Quality Management System continues to enhance efficiency and improve performance, as shown through the tremendous results of real-world test scenarios and performance testing.

This testing further emphasizes EtQ’s unprecedented scalability with its ability to support tens of thousands of users through innovative utilities such as its Enterprise Configuration Center (ECC) and Clustering applications, which have contributed to EtQ’s optimal performance by enhancing efficiency and speed.

EtQ Reliance has the performance to support consolidated, centralized deployments as demonstrated through its ECC, which is designed to improve efficiency by configuring the enterprise by location and customize applications to fit particular department and user needs. EtQ’s Clustering application is designed to increase speed through the use of multiple servers that are interconnected to act as one computer, improving overall computing power, and serves as a backup for the Reliance environment in the event that a server fails—a great benefit for those who handle time-sensitive or critical data.

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