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Green Hat enhances webMethods testing

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on October 14, 2008


Green Hat has announced the release of GH Tester 4.2, representing expanded test automation for SOA platforms as well as specialized message and data formats. This release represents enhancements to the native testing for Software AG webMethods platform available in the Solstice Integra Suite which Green Hat acquired earlier this year.

Green Hat makes testing simple for SOA customers choosing the webMethods ESB platform for internal integrations or B2B interactions with third parties. Green Hat pioneered the simulation of interfaces using automated stubs for functional testing and as a complete enviroment for high performance testing. So testing can continue uninterrupted even when systems are unavailable or use of the production environment is not advisable. GH Performance reuses all test assets created in GH Tester 4.2 and generates extensive webMethods performance data related to load, stress and tuning checks – all as functionality in the core Green Hat products.

GH Tester 4.2 provides testing of all industry protocols such as HTTP(s), WebSphere MQ and web services. With GH Tester 4.2, Green Hat also announced the first SOA testing tool to offer automated testing with stored procedures.

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