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Disaster Recovery Testing

Posted in security testing,Software testing by testing in London on October 23, 2008

From Processor

Many managers fear that disaster recovery, aka DR, testing is expensive and disrupts daily operations. The onus is on IT staff to convince management that DR testing is more a benefit than a burden.

“While it’s useful to have a written plan, it’s more important to test that plan,” states Stephen Lawton, senior director of strategic marketing for Acroni.

Testing helps with little problems, too. “Not all disasters are smoke and rubble. Most are just recovering lost files,” says Jon Toigo, managing principal with Data Management Institute ( in Tampa, Fla. He says that testing is generally seen as “complicated, time-consuming, and a pain.”

“Testing should not be looked at as a chore but rather as part of the regular security maintenance operation,” Lawton says. “Just as you make sure your firewalls are working, antivirus and antispyware software is updated, and that applications and the OS have the appropriate security patches, your DR testing is a maintenance issue.”

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  1. ivdesk said,

    We utilize a process for our Disaster Recovery Service at IVDesk that simplifies testing and cutover. Instead of all the capital infrastructure costs in doing it all yourself, this is one great area where you can leverage a service provider’s infrastructure and dramatically reduce your costs. This allows even smaller companies the same Disaster Recover capabilities that large firms have, without the dramatic costs. You can see more at

    Bill Sorenson
    CEO – IVDesk

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