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Titanic software testing mistakes

Posted in Mistakes,Software testing by testing in London on October 30, 2008

From Java World

Not only did the nefarious upgrade whack the company’s market capitalization, but they spent about $3 million in the just-completed quarter to fix the problem. Clearly, there is an expensive lesson to be learned — that is, quality assurance is a lot more than verifying applications work– it’s about making sure the entire copasetic process works.

Not to be outdone, though, by J Crew, the article goes on to profile a financial services firm that mistakingly sent private financial statements to incorrect addresses resulting in a loss of nearly $450 million in managed assets.

Given these two noteworthy gaffs, what’s the big lesson? Simple– quality assurance is more than finding defects in code– it’s about ensuring the process of taking concepts and turning them into cash works. Don’t get me wrong, a large part of that process is making sure a code base contains as few defects as possible– but that focus can often neglect other issues that present risks; for example, deployments.

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