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New facility for testing Mobile applications

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on November 30, 2008

From PR Canada

To meet the growing need of mobile application software development and testing, Rapidsoft Systems has announced establishment of a new exclusive test facility in New Jersey to test mobile applications software. This will enable Rapidsoft to test its client’s mobile applications locally on the US operators’ networks using the latest generation of GSM and CDMA handsets.

“Rapidsoft systems has been lately working on a number of mobile applications and testing these applications on the US carrier networks required us to have our own dedicated test facility. Porting applications to work on US carrier’s network is special challenge due to special certifications and verifications requirements in the USA. New handsets are being introduced every day, so we needed to be on top of these rapid changes. This will enable us to cut the development time drastically.” Said Mr. Gurbinder Mavi, VP of Sales and Marketing for Rapidsoft Systems.

Telecoms software system testing UK

Agile software development testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on November 29, 2008

There is a free ebook on Agile software development on the blog All About Technology It includes how testing and QA on agile software development projects, in particulat a chapter on Agile Software Testing in a Large-Scale Project software testing.

“Agile practices require full integration of testing and development, which can alter both organizational structures and high-level product-release policies. As a result, fully adopting agile quality practices is slower and more difficult than adopting agile programmer-oriented practices, such as pair programming and test-first programming, which are assimilated only within the development team.”

Agile software development testing

Disaster Recovery Testing

Posted in security testing by testing in London on November 27, 2008

From Information Week

The first step is to make the DR testing process easier to start and complete. Most storage systems today can replicate data to a similar system at a remote site. Some, like NetApp, 3PAR, and Compellent, will allow you to leverage writeable snapshots in those DR locations. When the time comes to test the DR readiness, a snapshot of the storage at the replicated site can be taken, and that snapshot can then be mounted to a series of test servers so the tests can begin almost instantly. All the while real replication continues, ensuring the DR site is kept up to date in case a real disaster occurs during testing.

An out-of-date DR plan is like having no DR plan at all. Leveraging tools to make sure the right data is being replicated and leveraging systems that speed up the DR testing process are critical components in making sure your DR plan will actually work when you need it.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Two acceptance tests on the same product

Posted in Acceptance testing,Software testing by testing in London on November 26, 2008

From The Register

Parallels has admitted shipping two versions of its Parallels Desktop v4.0 (PD4) software with a 22-day difference between them, leading to accusations it has shipped pre-release software into the channel. This could help to explain the furore on the Parallels’ forum concerning bugs in PD4.

Jenny Ellis, of Parallels, said: “Whilst the version that launched in boxes and the version that’s available online were different, it is not the case that one was a pre-release version, or was in any way less ready for customers. Both completed the acceptance testing process and both are fully supported by Parallels.”

Ellis said: “The product was fully tested both internally and externally in an extensive beta testing programme involving thousands of beta testers. The box and online versions differ only in that we are constantly developing the product and will continue to do so as reflected in the online version that will continuously evolve in its product lifecycle.”

Offshore Brazil Based Software Testing Service Expanded

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on November 24, 2008

From emediawire

Vision TRE has announced a new offering of staff augmentation services out of Brazil focused on software testing. These services are targeted at large and mid-size companies that need an offshore team of 1 to 15 software testing professionals to augment a clients existing staff. Companies benefit from having a dedicated low cost Brazilian team work remotely in a U.S. work day friendly time zone. Services include software test case development and the execution of test cases using automated testing using tools like HP Quality Center.

Vision TRE has been offering offshore IT staff augmentation services out of Brazil since 2004. We recruit and staff teams of English speaking IT professionals in Brazil and now Panama, a quick start benefit for companies since both countries have a shortage of English speakers. According to Mr. Johns, “This is very important in staff augmentation where direct and frequent communication is critical”. Depending on the team size and skills required, Vision TRE can usually have your remote team fully functional in 2 to 3 weeks.

Wimax testing and certification

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on November 23, 2008

From 4G Wireless Revolution

“The WiMAX Forum has a certification program that subjects products to intensive, rigorous testing to assure everyone that they have the ability to interoperate with WiMAX devices from other vendors that have the same certification,” says Motorola’s Fred Wright. “In June, Motorola’s WiMAX WAP 25400 base station passed the interoperability and conformance tests and thus received the WiMAX Forum Certified seal of approval for operation. So we now have certification on our most popular base station product, called a Diversity Access Point, for customers around the world. This is the access point or the base station that has the power amplifiers and antennas combined into a single unit to make it nice and compact. It has a minimal footprint, which means that it only needs a small common equipment cabinet that sits at the base of the tower, that can be mounted on a wall or a post or potentially placed inside of a building.”

Testing telecom software projects

Live Q&A on Agile Testing and QA

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on November 22, 2008

From CM Crossroads

Agile Testing” is a term loaded with promise and freedom as well as fear and loathing – most of all, there is uncertainty simply because it’s new territory.

Is the traditional tester a dinosaur now or can evolution prevail? What is the role of Automation with Agile practices? What tool paradigms will rule in Agile – novice-level record/replay or IDE-integrated developer-level automated powerhouses? What about geographically distributed teams? Management is downsizing and outsourcing while SCRUM masters preach – “collocated teams are the only way!” Perhaps there are more questions than answers, but some folks have been there and learned a bit along the way.

Join this experienced panel of experts in a live Q&A session to uncover how textbook Agile QA practices have been successfully applied, and modified, in large, distributed development teams. Expert Practitioners, QA Managers, Consultants, and Industry peers will answer these and other pressing questions posed by the audience.

Media Firma Launches Bug-tracking Tool

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on November 21, 2008

From Tech Links

Media Firma has released an online bug-tracking tool that facilitates one of the most neglected areas of website development: testing. Named “Archerfish,” after the tropical fish that shoots down bugs, this new tool simplifies debugging with effortless bug-logging and task assignments.

“Archerfish began as an in-house system, developed after using other bug-tracking tools that were either too complicated or too extensive for our needs,” says Rich Goidel, president of MF and chief architect of the application. “We wanted to simplify testing, get our clients involved and cut down on release times. It worked so well we decided to bring it to market at an incredibly low price.”

Archerfish is geared toward small web boutiques and design firms, who often don’t have the time and energy to test properly.

Spirent(R) Communications’ New Security Testing Solution

Posted in testing tool by testing in London on November 20, 2008

From Market Watch

Spirent Communications plc ( (UK:SPT: news, chart, profile) , a global provider of performance analysis and service management solutions, today announced the launch of Spirent Avalanche/290 (, a portable load testing solution that empowers corporate IT managers to characterize their network prior to deployment to ensure it meets the most rigorous security, capacity, performance and end-user Quality of Experience (QoE) demands. This highly versatile and cost-effective unit helps enterprises better understand the cost-risk analysis of a network upgrade before delivering a new service or committing to customer service level agreements (SLAs).

Software testing videos

Posted in Events and improvement,Software testing by testing in London on November 19, 2008

From Easy Software

Get Software Testing Jobs just watching these Videos

“We need to adopt the best practices in the industry.” While it appears as an obvious conclusion, the most glaring lack of it’s presence continues to astound the study team.

The software testing best practices can be classified into the following types:
1) Basic Software Testing Best Practices
2) Foundational Software Testing Best Practices
3) Incremental Software Testing Best Practices

Software test management

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