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Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on November 2, 2008

If you are looking for Software testing interview questions with model answers there are a wealth of sites on the internet. A few examples are:

Software Testing Questions

Software QA/Test Resource Centre

Software Testing Genius

And a couple of example questions:

Why a software needs to be tested?

Every software product needs to be tested since, the development ‘process’ is unable to produce defect free software. Even if the development process is able to produce a defect free software, we will not be able to know unless & until we test it. Without testing it, we shall not be having enough confidence that it will work.

Testing not only identifies and reports defect but also measures the quality of the product, which helps to decide whether to release the product, or not.

When testing will starts in a project?

The testing is not getting started after the coding. After release the build the testers perform the smoke test. Smoke test is the first test which is done by the testing team. This is according to the testing team. But, before the releasing of a build the developers will perform the unit testing.

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