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Outsourced software testing demand growing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on November 3, 2008

From Financial Express

Typically under software testing, an investigation is done to check the execution and capability of the software programmes for evaluating its performance.

“The size of the software testing industry globally is $13 billion and India has the potential to acquire 60-70% of the world market. The prospects of the software testing industry are very high,” says Vipul Kocher, co-president, PureTesting.

Execution of the various applications at a faster rate in different sectors like airlines, retail, railways, banking, stock markets and the increased dependence of the various businesses on IT has forced software companies to develop a software, which provides quality and accurate results to the end-users.

Gangadharaiah CP, senior vice-president, testing services, Wipro Technologies says, “With clients facing constant pressures to release products and applications faster in the market to ensure competitive advantage, testing phase—which is typically 30% of total software development—is critical to ensure ontime release, within budget and with the agreed level of confidence.”

Outsourced software testing services

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