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Green Hat Changes SOA and Integration Testing

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on November 13, 2008

From PR Web

Green Hat introduced enhanced automation across the SOA lifecycle, from the creation of new integrated processes and migration to new versions of business infrastructure to performance validation and service re-use certification. Green Hat also profiled several testing solutions for Centers of Excellence, industry-specific integration requirements, such as HL7, SWIFT and IATA, and material gains in business results with a technology-driven quality process.

“It’s no longer a question of if automated testing is available for integration and SOA. It’s how,” said Peter Cole, President and CTO of Green Hat. “Organisations need to remove very specific barriers to ensure that fast-changing processes get to market fast and perform as expected. We make testing simple for companies, decreasing their implementation times and making their businesses better.”

The objective is to deliver superior agility defined as guaranteeing speed, flexibility and confidence. Green Hat combats complexity in growing SOA environments. The Green Hat products integrate with Software AG products directly so that expert knowledge of integration is not required to obtain deep visibility into, and isolation of, problem areas in the integration layer.

The new features include a number of automation firsts:

  • Creating test cases directly from business requirements
  • Separating the logical and physical views of composite applications
  • Providing reports of testing coverage of integration flows
  • Differentiating service reuse certification from functional and regression testing while leveraging test assets and results for both testing functions
  • Pre-building Quality Policies for SOA governance.

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