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Testing Software Simplifies Bluetooth Integration

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on November 15, 2008

From Mobile Dev & Design

“We initially tested our Bluetooth chips manually, device-to-device, but that really consumes a lot of time,” says Liang-Cheng Chang, a senior software engineer for MediaTek Inc., a fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital media that produces system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for high-definition digital TV, optical storage, and high-definition DVD products. Of course, today’s fast-paced market does not tolerate any delays in getting product to market.

“Do we expect our OEM customers to know Bluetooth like the back of their hand? Absolutely not,” says Watson. CSR designs single-chip wireless devices and software development kits for OEMs making mobile phones, wireless headsets, wireless mice and keyboards, laptop computers, and in-car communication systems.

“But we also recognize that tools are now available to help them speed up Bluetooth product introduction,” Watson adds. “When engineers ask us about debugging, we point them to test equipment such as Frontline’s Bluetooth protocol analyzer because it is very easy for anyone to just plug it in, install the drivers, and start air tracing from one device to the next.”

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