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Live Q&A on Agile Testing and QA

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on November 22, 2008

From CM Crossroads

Agile Testing” is a term loaded with promise and freedom as well as fear and loathing – most of all, there is uncertainty simply because it’s new territory.

Is the traditional tester a dinosaur now or can evolution prevail? What is the role of Automation with Agile practices? What tool paradigms will rule in Agile – novice-level record/replay or IDE-integrated developer-level automated powerhouses? What about geographically distributed teams? Management is downsizing and outsourcing while SCRUM masters preach – “collocated teams are the only way!” Perhaps there are more questions than answers, but some folks have been there and learned a bit along the way.

Join this experienced panel of experts in a live Q&A session to uncover how textbook Agile QA practices have been successfully applied, and modified, in large, distributed development teams. Expert Practitioners, QA Managers, Consultants, and Industry peers will answer these and other pressing questions posed by the audience.

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