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Wimax testing and certification

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on November 23, 2008

From 4G Wireless Revolution

“The WiMAX Forum has a certification program that subjects products to intensive, rigorous testing to assure everyone that they have the ability to interoperate with WiMAX devices from other vendors that have the same certification,” says Motorola’s Fred Wright. “In June, Motorola’s WiMAX WAP 25400 base station passed the interoperability and conformance tests and thus received the WiMAX Forum Certified seal of approval for operation. So we now have certification on our most popular base station product, called a Diversity Access Point, for customers around the world. This is the access point or the base station that has the power amplifiers and antennas combined into a single unit to make it nice and compact. It has a minimal footprint, which means that it only needs a small common equipment cabinet that sits at the base of the tower, that can be mounted on a wall or a post or potentially placed inside of a building.”

Testing telecom software projects

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