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SaaS and associated testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on January 1, 2009

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Most SaaS solutions offer easy access to pilot services or a free trial solution before a buyer decides whether or not there is value in purchasing the service. Furthermore, SaaS makes rolling out software incrementally easier, meaning firms can prove the return on investment of their purchase in one department or division before rolling it out to other divisions or the whole enterprise . SaaS users also have more power to demand ongoing value from the provider than in an on-premise purchase.

Offload risk to the SaaS provider. Not only do SaaS buyers avoid an upfront software license fee, but they also avoid the upfront cost of investing in infrastructure and associated testing and employee resource costs since the SaaS provider assumes those costs. While the SaaS model does offload some risk to the provider, this also means that firms are giving up a degree of control over their infrastructure and software, and SaaS could introduce new risks if the SaaS provider does not have the proper measures in place in areas like security , backup , recovery and performance.

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