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Microsoft UK testing IPTV on Xbox

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on January 17, 2009

From Gear.ign

More and more, the Xbox 360 is becoming a media center which was Microsoft’s original dream for the console. Is Internet television the next big thing for the 360?

Way back at its 2007, Microsoft touted IPTV (Internet Protocal TeleVision: the delivery of television programming over computer networks rather than traditional broadcast and cable formats) as a sure thing for the Xbox 360, saying the service would be live by the end of that year. However, it never materialised, and the company has been quiet about it ever since.

But the gadget blog Gizmodo cornered some Microsoft PR folks at this year’s CES and found out the company is running “multiple field trials” of the service in the UK. British Telecom will be handling the service there, but there’s no official word on when or if IPTV on the 360 will come stateside.

IPTV testing services

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