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Test data generation on an IBM platform

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on January 25, 2009

From The Open Press

Grid-Tools Limited, a leading vendor of data generation, test data management and information lifecycle management software, announces their new support with IBM Mainframe data sources.

Grid-Tools are pleased to announce that their internationally known data generation software tool, Datamaker, now has integration with IBM Mainframe data sources such as; IBM z/OS, OS/390, MVS, IMS/DB, DL/1, VSE, z/VSE, VM, ADABAS, Datacom, CA-IDMS, Ingres, VSAM, DB2 and more. Contact Grid-Tools for details on their new support.

Tools to improve data testing efficiency and automation
Datamaker editions offer test data generation to create accurate test data, data masking, data scrambling, data modelling, data quality assurance, subsetting, database compare, a test data warehouse, ‘Test Data on Demand’, and third-party integration with performance and SOA tools.

Testing performance SOA

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