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Simplay Labs Unveils Self-Testing Programme

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on February 28, 2009

From Trading Markets

Simplay Labs, a solutions provider of technologies, testing programs, development tools, and interoperability and performance design standards for the high-definition (HD) consumer electronics industry, announced that, along with expanding its partnerships and adding to the number of Simplay HD certified products, it is now formally launching the Simplay Self-Testing program.

Having completed the Self-Testing pilot program at the facilities of Samsung Electronics Co., the program is now ready for adoption, the company said. Simplay Labs is also launching its consumer electronics control (CEC) solution suite featuring a comprehensive offering of CEC technologies, development and test tools, testing services and consulting design services.

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Borland release new software testing tool

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on February 27, 2009

From TechWorld

But isn’t this just a typical software testing application then? Well, it is part of the software testing remit, Borland admitted.

“Borland views ‘release readiness’ as one element within the larger scope of software testing and our differentiation lies in our open, management level and metric driven approach,” the company told Techworld via email.

“TeamInspector has the capability to inspect various third party tools related to code analysis, standards compliance, test coverage and build trends; the results (risk indicators and trends) are then revealed to management in a single cross-project dashboard ensuring visibility across your entire software project portfolio.”

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Test Centre on Safari

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on February 26, 2009

From TMCnet

An optional menu called Develop (which replaces the previous Debug menu option) can be added to the menu bar to speed up Web page development testing, but it also has significant global security impacts. The Develop menu allows the user to quickly open a current Web page in another installed Web browser or to change User Agent strings on the fly (to see how the change affects Web page rendering). Installed plug-ins can be viewed — but not enabled or disabled — via an option under Safari’s Help menu.

Safari passed all of my browser and JavaScript security exams, negotiating my predefined lab trials, test suites on the Internet (including scanit and Jason’s Toolbox), and real-world exposure to known-malicious Web sites without allowing any malware to be automatically installed (Safari’s competitors fared just as well). The most malicious DoS Web site locked up Safari and the host machine, just as it did the other browsers, but Safari succumbed more quickly than the rest.

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Performance Testing tool new release

Posted in Load testing,Software testing by testing in London on February 25, 2009

HP is rolling out updates to its Performance Center and Application Lifecycle Management suites.

The Performance Center 9.5 release contains a set of tools which allow IT management and enterprise software developers to better monitor and gauge the performance of new IT systems and software.

The update includes the LoadRunner load testing tool, and several auditing tools for software and web-based services.

HP hopes that Performance Center 9.5 and the new Application Lifecycle Management service will allow IT organisations to better plan and manage development, as well as offer ongoing support and software lifecycle management for large-scale enterprise systems.

Viewpointe Test Demonstrates Improved Risk Management

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on February 24, 2009

From PRNewswire

Viewpointe(R) has announced key testing results of its risk mitigation tool, Viewpointe Image Integrity(TM). Viewpointe Image Integrity is designed to help financial institutions manage the risks associated with check image and data mismatches that can occur during check processing.

The Viewpointe Image Integrity tests revealed several potential benefits to financial institutions using this tool to mitigate risks in check image processing. In testing, the tool identified mismatches with 100 percent accuracy.

Testing of Viewpointe Image Integrity also revealed that mismatch identification was more accurate than Viewpointe’s previous image quality tool.

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Testing Telecom LTE

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on February 23, 2009

From EETimes

Long Term Evolution is the next big thing in mobile wireless broadband, but design engineers working on LTE, as well as the more mature WiMax, have their work cut out for them in testing devices and infrastructure. Indeed, if not for their shared use of certain core technologies, WiMax (driven mostly by computer industry players) and LTE (the leading-edge broadband technology of the cell phone service providers) would present even greater gap between design and test as the industry works to bring these sophisticated broadband approaches to market.

But the commonalities between these telecoms technologies have not led to a concerted effort by test equipment companies and test engineers to develop common design, development and test platforms for the standards. For example, a software-defined platform on which WiMax and LTE chips could be developed simultaneously, with optimisation for one standard or the other occurring during the last chip design steps, would save on development and testing costs in an era of limited resources.

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Load testing results on PBX

Posted in Load testing by testing in London on February 22, 2009

From TMCnet

Xorcom, a privately-held manufacturer of business telephony interfaces and appliances based on Asterisk open-source software, has just published load test results for two of its Asterisk-based IP-PBX telephony systems. These results provide factual evidence of the capacity of each IP-PBX to handle telephony traffic with various codecs and echo cancellation tail sizes.

Results Provide Detailed Information Load tests were performed for two different IP-PBX appliances: the Xorcom XR1000 SOHO IP PBX, and the XR2000 IP PBX for the SMB range. For both systems, detailed information is provided about the testing environment and the call capacity.

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Test Case management tool

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on February 21, 2009

From Earth Times

Elementool has released Test Case, the newest Web-based project management tool. Elementool’s Test Case management tool lets Test Managers organise and control the testing process so each test case is completed efficiently and timely, without bugs slipping by. In real time systems such as banks, hospitals, and aeroplanes, releasing software containing bugs can cause severe damage to a company’s reputation, and to the people relying on these systems.

Ensuring full testing of all product features on schedule can be difficult if the status of each test isn’t easily accessible and apparent. Elementool enables testing managers to view a snapshot of the testing process status, and quickly run a report showing how many tests are open, or have been completed, and how many bugs have been reported.

Darwin Enhances Software Quality

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on February 20, 2009

From idw online

Test cases are usually generated manually or randomly. The former method is very time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive. The latter method involves generating and executing a very large number of test cases in order to test a reasonably acceptable portion of the software code. EvoTest now enables high-quality test cases to be automatically generated, executed and evaluated.

As with any systematic test process, users of EvoTest must begin by defining a test objective. An appropriate fitness function must then be defined, which evaluates the quality of the individual test cases with respect to the test objective. It begins by analyzing the initial population of test cases, to borrow a term from evolutionary biology. These are already existing test cases, which were generated manually, for example. If the defined test objective is already attained with the first generation, the evolutionary process is ended. Otherwise, individual test cases are selected, slightly altered or combined with each other. As in the theory of evolution, these processes are termed selection, mutation and recombination. The second generation is then re-subjected to the fitness evaluation, and the rest of the process proceeds as in the first round. With each repetition, a new generation of test cases is created that gets closer to attaining the test objective.

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Dedicated performance testing Cloud platform

Posted in Load testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on February 19, 2009


SOASTA, the leader in cloud testing, today announced its CloudTest Global Platform for load and performance testing Web applications and networks. The new CloudTest Global Platform, which is commercially available today, enables companies of all sizes to simulate Web traffic and conditions by leveraging the elasticity and power of Cloud Computing. This platform enables cross-cloud testing on today’s leading cloud platforms.

The Cloud is the closest mirror of how the real Web performs, making it the perfect platform for testing Web applications and networks. Companies concerned about variable and spiked Web traffic can easily simulate, under real world conditions, changing volumes whether it means millions of users in a short burst of time or simultaneous users originating from New York, London, and Hong Kong all hitting the same application at the same time.

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