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How important is Automated Testing?

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on February 2, 2009

From TM World

Q: How important is test automation?

A: Test automation is no longer a tool for visionaries. It has become essential to maintaining a technological edge and controlling costs. Customers tell us that they get the return on investment from our physical-layer switch in as little as six months. This is due to increased productivity in lab testing, reduced capital expenses from equipment sharing, improved ability to trace problems, and reduced complexity. All this allows companies to get products to market faster at a time when head count may be shrinking. Whenever companies must execute a repeatable test multiple times or test devices with different interfaces in layer one of a network, automated testing is the only way to go.

2 Responses to 'How important is Automated Testing?'

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  1. Danny said,

    Agreed but automated tesitng is just software too, how mature is the organisation, can it actually reach the dizzy heights required. Are there any specialist companies out there that can provide that “return” without the “investment”? Indeed there are !

  2. gail said,

    I am really glad to hear that automated testing is now elevated but I do hope someone is monitoring that code regressions are being caught. I’m tired of catching bugs that the automated testers didn’t create test scenarios for.
    It goes back to good QA skills first; test development second.

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