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Free usability testing tools

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on March 4, 2009

From Tech Republic

I know that a lot of developers have considered doing some usability testing in-house but don’t know where to start. I was recently introduced to a set of test tools from Optimal Workshop that are designed to put usability testing tools in the hands of development teams.

Currently, the company offers two usability test tools under the Optimal Workshop umbrella: Chalkmark and Treejack. A third tool, OptimalSort (for testing card sorting), has been out for some time now. Chalkmark and Treejack are both in beta, so it’s free to use these tools.

While these kinds of guided tests have a large role to play in usability testing, don’t think that simply running a few dozen users through Chalkmark is a replacement for a full listening lab or other similar, open-ended usability test. On the other hand, it will probably only take you a few minutes to put together a Chalkmark test, and it’s a great, simple way to get rapid, quality feedback, so that you can get your design nailed down a bit before investing in a more expensive and time-consuming test.

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  1. PH said,

    Treejack looks like a useful starting point to investigate labelling and structure but how do you actually add the tree? I could be missing something blindingly obvious here but there is not instruction on how to ‘upload’ your tree structure or what delimiters or formatting to use etc. Can anyone help?

  2. PH said,

    Ah OK any indent will do the trick

  3. Sam said,

    Hi PH,

    Glad you figured it out. Yes we admit there’s not enough instruction there at the moment and we’re going to be adding some details into the app soon to explain it in more detail.

    Thanks, and any feedback, please do ping us.

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