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Progress Software Announces Actional® 8.0 Enterprise

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on March 9, 2009

From Business Wire

Moreover, Actional 8.0 Enterprise proactively ensures transaction reliability, beginning during the application development phase, to create higher quality services that are less likely to fail in QA, performance testing, or in production.

Key new features include the following:

  • Application X-Ray – Patented Actional Flow Mapping technology can now be used seamlessly in either a pre-production environment (even in simulations running on a developer’s desktop), or in a large-scale integration-test lab. Actional Flow Mapping automatically discovers and traces an individual transaction’s flow across the production environment;
  • Exception Management – Actional 8.0 enables an application support team to address business level failures such as transactions that fail due to incorrect data entry. The Actional product allows the problem to be located, diagnosed at the business data level, resolved, and then the business transaction repaired and resubmitted. In addition, the failed business transactions can be used to create run-time validation for detecting the problems more quickly, or to automatically create a test case that can be used by pre-production teams to ensure the problem is resolved the next time the application is updated.

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