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Application Testing Suite

Posted in Automated testing,Load testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on March 18, 2009

From Oracle

The Oracle Application Testing Suite employs an open and integrated scripting platform for load and functional testing that can help cut scripting time in half and reduce weeks from a typical project’s testing schedule. Key components of the suite include:

  • Oracle Load Testing for Web Applications: By simulating tens of thousands of virtual users accessing the application simultaneously, Load Testing for Web Applications measures the effect of the load on application performance providing an easy way to validate the performance and scalability of applications and Web Services.
  • Oracle Functional Testing for Web Applications: Enables comprehensive functional testing of applications and Web Services. Its unique transaction engine simplifies automated test script generation and enables the automation of the most complex Web applications and associated technologies out-of-the-box to validate the end user’s experience.
  • Oracle Test Manager for Web Applications: Helps users manage the Web application testing process, enabling full test coverage, by allowing users to define testing requirements, specify and execute manual or automated tests to validate requirements and then manage the defects that those tests uncover.

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