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Automated regression testing for POS

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing by testing in London on March 26, 2009

Cornell-Mayo Associates (CMA) today announced the release of its Lookback™ regression tester, which will enable retailers using the company’s OPUS Millennium® and Omnistore™ POS solutions to respond more quickly to business requirements by increasing the speed of implementation and enhancing the quality of software updates.

Lookback allows for easy verification that the sales application is functioning as expected. Users can manually key the Test Plan, after which the saved Plans are played back on the register to simulate the keying of the transactions. Results of the original and playbook recordings can then be compared using automated tools provided as part of the package.

By providing the ability to capture inputs from the POS application, re-run test scripts automatically and replay them multiple times, CMA’s Lookback streamlines the Quality Assurance (QA) process and ensures that all the code works via an automated and speedy test suite. Ultimately, the Regression Tester saves valuable time spent on manual testing, which lowers the cost and time to delivery of software enhancements.

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