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A career in software testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on May 31, 2009

From The Washington Post

Anne Lambert says she “stumbled” into software testing and loves it but doesn’t have a lot of experience. She wants to know how to show employers she’s a good risk.

To start, look at job postings and résumés of people already in software testing and determine the key traits for a good tester. Under three or four broader headers — such as project management, research and analysis, or communications — Lambert should give examples of work she has done that demonstrate those skills. Experience related to software testing goes first.

Software testing career

Automated UAT

Posted in Acceptance testing,Automated testing,Software testing by testing in London on May 30, 2009

From IBS Publishing

Schroders underwent three months of automated testing before it brought in end-users to check if the tool had identified the majority of issues. It ran a two day UAT testing session with a number of users to gauge their reaction to the system and identify any further fixes required. ‘They came back with very few issues, much less than in other releases and that was the first test they were involved in,’ says Fischer. ‘They were not able to identify more than a dozen issues.’

This is not to say that an automated tool can completely replace the UAT process. As stated above, the manual testing still identified problems with the upgraded system that needed fixing despite three months of automated checking. There are certainly limitations to what the system is able to look for. One example from the bank is that ‘you cannot test the reaction of the system in case of a wrong input, because it will only capture successful transactions’.

Testing 4G

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on May 29, 2009

From EEtimes

LONDON — The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation has awarded Euros 6 million towards a project at Aalborg University in which the researchers there will work with Infineon Technologies and Agilent Technologies on topics such as high performance, easy test infrastructure and low power consumption.

Wimax testing tool

Posted in testing tool by testing in London on May 28, 2009

From TMCnet

National Instruments has introduced the NI Measurement Suite for Fixed WiMAX (IEEE 802.16-2004), a software product that can be used by engineers to test WiMAX.

The new software can be combined with high-performance multicore processors, PXI Express-based measurement systems for WiMAX which helps engineers to complete error vector magnitude and spectral mask measurements two to three times faster than leading traditional box instruments, according to the company.

For automated test applications, the suite offers programming APIs for signal generation and analysis in programming environments.

1000th Post

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on May 27, 2009

This is the 1000th post in the London Software testing news blog. The blog was started way back in May 2006. Since then this blog has covered a lot of different topics such as software testing conferences, DR testing, software testing books, software testing training, test management tools and a host of other QA or software testing topics.  There have even been strange testing related stories such as this one.

Software testing has grown as a professional discipline over the last three years and even in this time of recession it is forecast to grow. Looking forward to seeing how the software testing market looks when we reach the 2000th post mark.

Empirix testing tool

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on May 26, 2009

As TMCnet recently reported, Empirix has been snapping up awards in recent years for its VoIP Testing and Monitoring solutions and last month were again honored when Frost & Sullivan awarded the company with its 2009 Global VoIP Test & Monitoring Equipment Market Leadership of the Year Award.

Hammer Edge emulates the realistic behaviour of users and devices required to test elements at the network edge, including border controllers, firewalls and deep packet inspection devices, as well as security and application level gateways––in both secure and unsecured network topologies.

Hammer Edge emulates millions of users on a single chassis with high performance and realistic testing of multiservice scenarios. The system can be easily incorporated into existing test plans and automation environments.

Empirix OneSight

Commissioning and acceptance testing

Posted in Acceptance testing,Software testing by testing in London on May 25, 2009

From Search Data Centre

The need to provide strict oversight and quality control of the construction process requires frequent field progress inspections during construction. In addition, comprehensive start up and testing by qualified technicians is necessary to prepare for formal acceptance testing before the facility can be certified as ready to commence critical operations. This process is called commissioning and it starts during the design phase (if not earlier) to provide reviews for maintainability and to ensure the design intent is compliant with the owner’s requirements and expectations for the facility’s performance.

Commissioning also includes various levels of testing and verification, including factory acceptance tests, shipping and receiving requirements, field progress inspections, pre-functional and functional performance tests, and, finally, integrated systems tests. The site O&M staff should participate in the commissioning process throughout the construction, startup and acceptance testing of the site.

SDLC test tool partnership

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on May 24, 2009

Acutest, a leading provider of software testing services, and Pragmatic, a leading provider of application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, have formed an exclusive partnership to bring Software Planner to the UK.

Software Planner is an award winning application lifecycle management (ALM) tool that helps companies manage all elements of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). This includes the management of application requirements, project deliverables, testing plans, test cases, test execution, defects and help desk support. It also provides collaborative tools and interactive reporting dashboards to support change programmes spread across teams, locations and organisations. Software Planner is currently being used by over 70,000 users.

“Software Planner has helped software companies implement better software releases since 2000 and is being used in over 28 countries”, said Steve Miller, President/CEO of Pragmatic Software. “Having a local partner in the UK that are experts in software testing and automation will provide us the ability to expose Software Planner to a larger audience in the United Kingdom – backed by a local partner that can really service their testing needs. We are very excited about partnering with Acutest and our clients will be the beneficiaries of exemplary service and support”, added Miller.

“There’s real demand in the UK for an ALM tool like Software Planner”, said Barry Varley, Managing Director of Acutest. “In these difficult economic times, organisations are looking to unleash the value they have within themselves that isn’t currently hitting their bottom line. By joining up all the management, QA and testing activities throughout the whole Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Software Planner helps save time and cost whilst improving risk management and governance. What’s more, both the SaaS and Enterprise version are priced appropriately for these times of recession. “

Load testing with VSTS

Posted in Load testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on May 23, 2009

From Scribd

This chapter explains how to use unit testing or web testing, and how to simulate a realistic scenario such as the number of concurrent users that have different browsers and different network speed, and are accessing the system from multiple locations. This testing collects the application performance and stability data in different scenarios, and is used for analyzing this data in order to scale the application for
better performance.

Performance testing VSTS

Outsourced software testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on May 22, 2009

From Merinews

Outsourced Software Testing process, if not subject to the basic principles, can land the tester into trouble. Haphazard testing results in chaos and incorrect judgement. Here are some of the software testing rules which when abided, can result in overall success:

Don’t test your own programmes

Software programming is actually a creative process while software testing is a negative and destructive process. To ward off creativity and then focus on the negative process of testing, is a difficult switch. This writer’s analogy is similar too, as writers do not edit their own written material but get it edited through an editor.

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