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Accelerated testing

Posted in Acceptance testing,Software testing by testing in London on May 16, 2009

From Manufaturing Net

As electronics are manufactured, there are a variety of testing measures that must be executed before deeming a product to be market worthy.  This is especially true for product introductions.  Testing is an area where a sophisticated 3PL provider with advanced technology capabilities can help reduce the amount of time it takes to make a device available to consumers.

This initially includes acceptance testing of the first load of devices off of the production line. Acceptance testing typically occurs at overseas facilities; however, through collaboration with a 3PL, the manufacturer can supervise this testing domestically. In the event that changes are necessary, the OEM can work with the 3PL to make immediate adjustments, in as little as one week, to ensure the devices are made available as quickly as possible to begin generating revenues.

Without this capability the devices would have to be adjusted at overseas facilities, which are geared towards initial production, as opposed to reconfiguration. This process can take up to a month, and is both time consuming and expensive.

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