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Commissioning and acceptance testing

Posted in Acceptance testing,Software testing by testing in London on May 25, 2009

From Search Data Centre

The need to provide strict oversight and quality control of the construction process requires frequent field progress inspections during construction. In addition, comprehensive start up and testing by qualified technicians is necessary to prepare for formal acceptance testing before the facility can be certified as ready to commence critical operations. This process is called commissioning and it starts during the design phase (if not earlier) to provide reviews for maintainability and to ensure the design intent is compliant with the owner’s requirements and expectations for the facility’s performance.

Commissioning also includes various levels of testing and verification, including factory acceptance tests, shipping and receiving requirements, field progress inspections, pre-functional and functional performance tests, and, finally, integrated systems tests. The site O&M staff should participate in the commissioning process throughout the construction, startup and acceptance testing of the site.

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