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Software Test & Performance Conference

Posted in conference,Software testing by testing in London on June 30, 2009

The Software Test and Performance Conference will take place in Cambridge, Mass. USA on October 19-23, 2009. The testing conference is aimed at software development project managers, test managers, quality assurance managers and senior testing professionals. It has five software testing tracks:

  • Agile Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Testing
  • Test Management
  • FutureTest™ – the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies

For more information visit:

Microsoft testing energy consumption tool

Posted in testing tool by testing in London on June 29, 2009

From Media Post

Microsoft is testing Hohm, a new online tool designed to help consumers better understand their energy usage and get recommendations about how to conserve energy and save money.

The application uses tools from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy to give consumers personalized energy-saving recommendations, which can range from placing new caulking on windows to installing a programmable thermostat, based on house features, usage patters and appliances.

Microsoft VSTS testing tool

ALM tool market analysis

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on June 28, 2009

From PR Inside

Businesses also want greater real-time insight into software project progress, and the new generation of BI solutions integrated into ALM suites provide this capability. Rather than reacting post-event, senior managers can act to avert problems escalating into software crisis dimensions. In particular, visibility into quality control and test performance of the work in progress is necessary. When schedules become pressured, testing is the area that is traditionally cut by Project Managers. Therefore senior business managers must keep track of testing and quality – getting this wrong incurs long-term damage to the organisation in the marketplace. Agile methodologies are liked by business executives because they make testing an integral part of the development lifecycle, not the last activity before shipping.

ALM testing tools

Software testing takeover battle

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on June 27, 2009

From Reuters

A takeover battle for Micro Focus bid target Borland Software has restarted after the U.S. firm said it has received a proposal that it feels would be superior to one made by Micro Focus.

Shares in Micro Focus, whose customers include Tesco and Boeing, gained last week on relief that a rival bidder had pulled out of the process.

Micro Focus’ recommended offer values Borland at $88 million and would take the British company’s share of the global software testing market to 15 percent.

Testing Microsoft

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on June 26, 2009

From The Register

Microsoft’s limited but free-of-extra-charge anti-malware scanner has performed creditably in early tests.

Independent testing lab put Microsoft Security Essentials through its paces, after downloading a beta version of the software following its limited release on Tuesday.

The application, which lacks personal firewall or spam filtering features, is designed to provide consumers with basic protection against Trojans, computer viruses and rootkits.

Oracle top market expectations

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on June 25, 2009

From Internet News

Oracle have topped Wall Street expectations for its fourth quarter, shrugging off the persistent economic malaise gripping the IT industry to post impressive numbers.

“We grew faster and took market share from SAP in every region around the world,” Oracle President Charles Phillips said in a statement. “In Europe, our applications business grew 5 percent in constant currency versus negative 27 percent growth for SAP in their most recent quarter. Historically, Europe has been an SAP stronghold, but these results prove that we can compete and beat them everywhere.”

The company also challenged database competitor Teradata.

“The Exadata Database Machine is well on its way to being the most successful new product launch in Oracle’s 30-year history,” Oracle CEO Larry Ellison said in a statement. “Several of Teradata’s largest customers are performance-testing — then buying — Oracle Exadata Database Machines.”

Load Testing Service announced

Posted in Load testing,Software testing by testing in London on June 24, 2009

Acutest have announced the launch of their new load testing service: the Load Cannon. It is a performance testing service for web-sites and web applications. It is hosted in the UK, and combines performance testing tools; load generators; monitors; structured testing methods; risk-based testing techniques and experienced performance testing consultants. A fast and cost-effective service, it is aimed at enabling organisations without the inhouse capabilities to enjoy the benefits of load testing..

Call for Papers on Software Testing

Posted in conference,Software testing by testing in London on June 22, 2009

There is a Call for Papers for the 7th International Conference on Information Technology New Generations (Software Testing Track) which will take place on April 12-14, 2010 in Las Vegas, USA.

Suggested areas of interest include:

  • Software test automation
  • Software testing certification
  • Software testing metrics
  • Software testing quantitative techniques
  • Software test driven development
  • Agile software testing
  • Model based software testing
  • Software testing with Open Source tools
  • Static code analysis
  • Software performance testing
  • Software security testing
  • Software load and stress testing
  • Software code coverage analysis
  • Software mutation testing
  • Automatic test case generation
  • Software testing tools

For more information visit the software testing track site

Garbage data testing

Posted in Software testing by testing in London on June 21, 2009

From ihecbook

Garbage data testing is where you test-to-fail. You’ve already proven that the software works as it should by testing-to-pass with boundary testing, sub-boundary testing, and default testing. Now it’s time to throw the trash at it.

Software testing purists might argue that this isn’t necessary, that if you’ve tested everything discussed so far you’ve proven the software will work. In the real world, however, there’s nothing wrong with seeing if the software will handle whatever a user can do to it.

So, with invalid, wrong, incorrect, and garbage data testing, have some fun. If the software wants numbers, give it letters. If it accepts only positive numbers, enter negative numbers. If it’s date sensitive, see if it’ll work correctly on the year 3000. Pretend to have “fat fingers” and press multiple keys at a time.

Data migration testing

Micro Focus takeover Borland

Posted in Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on June 20, 2009

From CBRonline

Micro Focus International plc is close to securing a takeover of Borland Software Corp, after it confirmed a rival bidder for the software tools company had withdrawn from the acquisition process.

The UK-based company last made a move on Borland at the same time it bought Compuware’s line of testing software tools in May, when it had offered about $75 million.

Borland has around 900 employees and produces revenues of about $170 million. Its main line is the provision of application lifecycle management software, which sit nicely alongside the application modernisation and software testing toolsets of Micro Focus.

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