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Scalability & performance upgrade for Tableau

Posted in Load testing,Software testing by testing in London on June 2, 2009

From PRNewswire

With significant upgrades to scalability, performance and ease of maintenance, Tableau Server 5.0 can scale to meet the demands of nearly any environment. Load can be distributed to multiple servers to support thousands of users. Along with enhanced multithreading, distributing server load means simultaneous users have no delays in working with their view. And new management and monitoring tools make it easier for IT staff to track and support their Tableau Server.

Initial scalability testing performed in the Tableau development labs demonstrates that the server is highly capable in handling a large population of users.

Other enterprise enhancements include:

  • Scheduled updates of the data used in Tableau results. By pre-collecting the data used in any Tableau view, the server provides a high-performance experience while offloading the query load from the source database.
  • Secure access to the server is provided by support for SSL, particularly useful for extranet deployments.
  • Improved database performance when working with large databases. This includes special optimisations, such as join logic, for Teradata and Oracle connections.
  • Access to data anywhere. Extracts can be automatically refreshed and synchronised.
  • Automated server administration activities.

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