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Selection Strategy for Web Testing Tools

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on June 10, 2009

From Software Development Magazine

What have our test tools done for our web application development? Just a few months after adopting JUnit, Canoo WebTest and FitNesse, we had a suite of regression tests that gave us a useful safety net, and our defect rate was going down dramatically. Today, three years later, we have increased our test numbers by a factor of ten or more. Our regression suites, running many times per day in two continuous builds, catch bugs at least a few times a week. Our rate of defects introduced during development is down by half. We have time and tools to do robust exploratory testing and load testing. Most importantly, but harder to measure, using our tests to drive development has resulted in features that delighted our customers.

Test automation is a big investment, but carefully done, it returns many times what you put into it. You need enough resources to first define what you need, then investigate your options, then to try out tools.

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  1. web development services said,

    Yeah maybe it’s true.Hearing about Test automation for the first time.But the concept is well explained.

  2. Prem said,

    very good article, i really like it. I am doing a bit on research about “Web Testing Tools” and i found also macrotesting to be very good source for web testing tools.

    Thanks for your article

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