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Perfect Software: And Other Illusions About Testing

Posted in Software testing,Software testing book by testing in London on June 17, 2009

Everyone has a role to play in software testing – even people outside a project team. Testers, developers, managers, customers, and users shape the process and results of testing, often unwittingly. Rather than continue to generate stacks of documents and fuel animosity, testers can cultivate rich opportunities and relationships by integrating an effective testing mentality into any process.

Jerry Weinberg, author of “The Psychology of Computer Programming” and more than forty non-fiction books, sets out to disprove destructive notions about testing and testers in “Perfect Software: And Other Illusions About Testing”.

With a blend of wit, story telling and jaw-dropping insight that has won him fans around the world, Weinberg deftly separates what is expected, significant and possible in software testing.

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