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Top reasons for Poor Software Quality

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on July 3, 2009

From Datamation

Just missing this list but deserving of attention are breakdowns in coordination among distributed software teams, a cause that would make the top five in some environments.

In well run software organisations testing is not a defect detection activity. Rather, testing should merely verify that the software performs correctly under a wide range of operational conditions. By understanding and addressing the top five causes of defects, quality can be designed in from the start, substantially reducing both the 40% of project effort typically spent on rework and the risks to which software exposes business.

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  1. Enlightened said,

    Employees that care more about releasing software to meet an artificial due date so they can get a bonus. They cared more about getting it done, so they would look good to the boss, instead of the big mess they created and force additional work to fix it. You don’t deserve a bonus if you met the release date yet caused the company to waste a lot of hours to fix your mess.

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