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Borland adapt Silk for agile development

Posted in Automated testing,Software testing,testing tool by testing in London on July 24, 2009

From Information Week

Borland has adapted its Silk line of software testing tools to better accommodate modern development methods, particularly Agile-style development.

Agile is a widely adopted programming method with varied approaches, but in general, it relies on small teams, concentrated development efforts called sprints, frequent user feedback, and frequent testing — by the developers, long before a separate quality assurance team gets its hands on the code.

In its own experience implementing Agile methods, Borland found “Agile developers are being asked to go beyond unit and function tests, but they don’t own all the paths to the application,” Wilby said. In complex Web and enterprise infrastructures, applications may encounter conditions that the Agile developers did not anticipate or test for.

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