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The rise of Agile Acceptance Testing

Posted in Acceptance testing by testing in London on September 21, 2009


It was very encouraging to see the rising interest in agile acceptance testing, and we ended up almost running a full track on the topic with 4 presentations on lots of different aspects. I learned about Thoughtworks Twist from Andy Yates and narrative testing ideas from Antony Marcano and Andy Palmer. A key take-away from the conference for me was probably Marcano’s idea of “saving the game”, building systems so that you can easily store a snapshot of the current state and go back to that later. I can see how this can significantly aid in all kinds of testing, including acceptance and exploratory, so I have to look for ways to implement that in my future projects. Exchanging experiences of how people do acceptance testing was also very valuable and, judging by the comments at the closing session, it looks as if quite a few people went away with some new ideas around it.

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